NEW-ARRIVALS 2016-2019

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New Grandpa & Hadith al-Kisa (Hardback)

Grandpa & Hadith al-Kisa (Hardback)

Compiled by:  Lucky Mom
Diagramming by: Sayed Ramish Kazmi
Published by: Tahrike Tarsile Qur’an, Inc., USA


Anniseh and Ilia teach their Christian grandpa about Islam through the purest of the pure, the People of the Cloak.
The children’s mother had translated this story to English in a poetic style.

C$14.95 *
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New Brave: My Perfect Leader Lady Fatima

Brave: My Perfect Leader Lady Fatima

Compiled by:  
Lucky Mom
Research by: Sayedeh Zahra Nabavi
Published by: Islamic Humanitarian Service, Canada

Anniseh, like her perfect guide, Lady Fatima s.a.,defends and stands up against the bullies of her school, and she tells the teacher that she learned from the greatest lady of the two worlds, heaven and earth, and sacrifices Lady Fatima made for all the women.


C$12.95 *
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61 - 62 of 62 results